Year 11 Assessment Schedule

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Revision Strategies

We all understand the importance of revision. Most work hard at it, but we don’t always work well at it. As with any other aspect of your studies, you need to organise your time and plan your revision in advance.

The main purposes of revision are:

  • to understand the topic for which you are sitting an exam
  • to commit what you have learnt and understood to memory
  • to practice planning and writing answers to questions

To enable you to do this, you will need to organise your notes, essays, handouts etc. into a convenient and coherent set of materials.

Year 11 Curriculum guidance

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Revision all year round

Revision should not be a last-minute attempt to make up for poor study habits in the previous eighteen months. As one topic quickly succeeds another in each subject, it’s easy to forget previous work all too soon. There seems to be little time to revise. Nevertheless, throughout the academic year you should work with one eye on the revision process to come:

  • Make sure your notes are easy to follow and well organised.
  • Keep things neatly filed together with clear labelling.
  • Collect lists of past questions and past papers.
  • Don’t let work pile up. Read through your notes in small chunks rather than in one huge block.
  • If you find one part of a subject really hard, set aside extra time to look at your notes and past exams as well as for talking to your teacher.

Revision and Examination Techniques

We all have our preferred learning style and environment, and that’s fine; whatever suits you best. There may be things you haven’t considered that may help improve your technique. The following guide is an in depth look into how you can get the most out of your revision and examinations. You may find that your learning environment is not ideal or that ‘auditory’ revision is better suited to you than ‘visual’. It’s a worthwhile read and could make a big difference when it comes to sitting your exams.

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The Study Room – Revision Tips

Learning Zone revision resources

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