Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

The College – Ethos, Values and History

At Claverham Community College, we offer our students a high quality education allowing them to reach their full potential, in a safe, secure and caring environment. We endeavour to instil a love of learning, a sense of fairness and an appreciation of the importance of full participation.

We strive to develop students who, through their determination and resilience, reach their highest levels of academic and personal development. We insist upon consideration towards others and the maintaining of polite attitudes and manners, allowing all members of our community to take pride in their surroundings, behaviour and personal achievements. We believe in the value of positive contributions to our society both locally and nationally, aiming to support all students in their desire to become responsible citizens who will shape the future.

We encourage the acceptance of personal challenges, helping to ensure that students make decisions that benefit themselves and the wider community.

The College aims to provide an outstanding education to the young people it serves through its stated objectives which are:

  1. to develop fully their individual academic, emotional, physical and social potential;
  2.  to develop self respect, self discipline, adaptability, concern for others and the ability to live as independent adults while at the same time making a positive contribution to the community;
  3. to acquire conceptual insight, knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the will to use them in the following areas of experience: scientific, technological, mathematical, linguistic, aesthetic, creative, commercial, moral, spiritual, economic, political and recreational;
  4. to appreciate human activities of every kind;
  5. to acquire understanding of the social economic and political order and a reasoned set of values, attitudes and beliefs;
  6. to prepare for their adult lives at home, work, leisure and to make a full contribution to our society.

Our History

Claverham Community College is situated on the outskirts of the historic town of Battle in East Sussex. The College grounds incorporate land which belonged formerly to the Battle Abbey Estate and are immediately adjacent to the site of the Battle of Hastings.

The Community College was established in 1973 and was developed from the former Battle County Secondary School built in 1955. In school terms the College became fully comprehensive in 1976 and now serves the educational needs of all children between the ages of 11 and 16 in Battle and the neighbouring villages of Ashburnham, Catsfield, Crowhurst, Netherfield, Ninfield, Penhurst, Sedlescombe, Whatlington and Westfield.
The College is oversubscribed in all year groups. Children come from as far afield as Rye to the East and Eastbourne to the West, as well as the more immediate areas of Bexhill and Hastings. In addition to its purely school’ function the College provides a wide range of cultural, educational and social amenities for the local population of the area as a whole. There is a thriving Community Education Centre, an excellent Sports Centre, and a large number of local organisations and sports clubs are affiliated to the College.
We opened a Day Nursery at the College in May 1993. The aim of the Nursery is to provide day care of the highest quality for babies and toddlers. The Nursery has a capacity of 40 places, up to 5 of which can be for children under the age of 2 years. A number of our staff make use of the Nursery for their own children.
The traditional catchment area of the College is almost entirely rural. The chief local occupations are various types of agriculture, forestry, horticulture, gypsum mining and retail services. Many professional and business people who live in the area either commute to London, a relatively fast 60 mile journey, or work in Bexhill, Hastings or Eastbourne, which are 8, 7 and 12 miles distant. In addition to being ideally placed from the point of view of communication, Battle is very well provided for culturally. The town itself has a strong sense of community and supports a wide range of cultural and social activities. Bexhill, Hastings and particularly Eastbourne, offer good shopping facilities, excellent sporting opportunities, outstanding provision for the Arts and a wide range of social organisations.