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Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

Local Offer

Our Aim

The aim of the special educational needs provision at Claverham is to ensure that all pupils can experience success and reach their potential.  We work hard to identify pupils who have educational needs and support those children throughout their time at Claverham.  With appropriate support and a differentiated curriculum tailored to meet individual needs, we aim to create an environment in which each pupil can develop their self-esteem and become confident members of our community.

Support for pupils with SEN before arriving at Claverham.

Our transition programme for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) starts at the beginning of year 6.  Parents who wish their children to come to Claverham have the opportunity to meet with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) and Assistant SENCo at our open evening.  They are also encouraged to meet with them informally throughout Year 6.  This allows the SENCo and SEN department to get to know the pupils who will need support during their time at Claverham and for the pupils to familiarise themselves with the school and key staff.  This process also enables the staff at the College to start to plan the type of extra support each pupil will require, on entry in the September.

In Year 6 pupils who are identified by primary schools as vulnerable visit the College for a day in March, accompanied by their teachers or teaching assistants.  This provides an opportunity for pupils toexperience a day at Claverham and meet current pupils and staff.  The activities include circle time, team building activities and a tour of the College.

Identification of needs

All pupils are assessed and tested before coming to Claverham. These assessments are used to help place children in the most appropriate sets for the different subjects in the curriculum.  Reading comprehension, spelling and CAT tests,along with pupils Key Stage 2 SAT results, allow the SEN department to identify children who will need our support.  Pupils whose reading comprehension is 3 years or more below their actual age are identified for one of our daily reading schemes,whilst pupils whose SAT results are level 3a or below are considered for our transition group. Pupils who are gifted or talented in areas of the curriculum are also identified for support at this time and throughout their time at the College.

Support at Claverham.

All pupils follow the national curriculum, although this is differentiated, or tailored, to meet pupil’s needs.  Pupils are set in subjects according to their academic ability.  Priority of in-class support by teaching assistants is given to pupils in our lower sets, and to pupils who have a statement of educational need.

In Year 7 a group of approximately 15 pupils are identified to be in our transition group (nurture group).   These 15 pupils are taught in one room for 60% of their timetable, reducing the need to move around the College from class to class.  Within the classroom they have access to appropriate reading material, trays to help with organisation, laptops to help record information, and I-Pads with various apps for enhancing literacy and numeracy.  Support is provided with an appropriately differentiated curriculum and a teaching assistant; however the overall aim is that pupils in the transition group will be able to work independently as the year progresses, enjoy success and as a result increase their self esteem.  At the end of Year 7, although remaining as a group of 15, pupils will move around the College for their lessons. Depending on the progress of the children in this group the composition of the group may change.

Pupils of all abilities are supported by the setting structure at the College and their progress is carefully monitored to ensure that they are fulfilling their potential.

Gifted and talented pupils are stretched in class to ensure rapid and sustained progress. Many other opportunities are available across the full range of subject areas both inside and outside of the classroom to provide stretch and engagement.

The College curriculum

All pupils follow the national curriculum,although this is differentiated to meet the needs of our SEN pupils.  One major difference from the usual Year 7 curriculum at Claverham is that the transition group will only learn French and, instead of a second Modern Foreign Language, the pupils in this group will have English skills lessons.

The curriculum is broad and balanced, designed to engage and stimulate pupils of all abilities. Extra-curricular activities are used to provide consolidation and enhancement to various aspects of the curriculum.

Teaching Assistant support takes place predominantly in the classroom to help pupils access the lesson.  Pupils with a statement of special educational need may be withdrawn from lessons to work in small or individual study groups if they require this level of support.

The SENCo and Assistant SENCo may identify pupils who are in need of support outside of the classroom for a period of time.  This support may include:

  • Daily peer reading
  • Daily guided reading
  • Daily LEXIA programme
  • Speech and language programmes
  • Social skills programmes
  • Small group and 1:1 maths support
  • Small group and 1:1 literacy support
  • Lunchtime Club for Vulnerable Pupils

Home-school communication

Pupil progress is reported four times a year, including a full report from each subject followed by a parent consultation evening.  In each subject pupils are set targets and these are regularly reviewed.  Pupils who are not meeting their targets are identified by their subject teacher and Head of House.  Where appropriate this may lead to close working with the SEN department.

Parents of pupils with a statement of educational need will be invited to meet with the SENCo or Assistant SENCo at least once per year to carry out an annual review of the statement and support.  Parents of pupils with SEN can contact the SENCo or Assistant SENCo at any time, via phone or email, to discuss support and arrange a meeting if necessary.

Pastoral support at Claverham

On arrival at Claverham all pupils are placed in one of five houses.  They remain in that house for their five years, supported by their Head of House and tutor.  The Head of House regularly works with the SENCo, members of the Leadership Team with responsibility for achievement and inclusion, and Pastoral Support Team when appropriate.

Support from within the school includes:

  • KS3 and KS4 Assistant Principals with responsibility for Achievement and Inclusion
  • Heads of House
  • SENCo and Assistant SENCo
  • SEN Team with specialist Teaching Assistants
  • Pastoral Support Team
  • Academic Intervention Team
  • Behaviour Specialist
  • School Nurse
  • School Advisor

Where necessary support may be needed from outside services, such as:

  • Children’s Integrated Service (Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • ASD Outreach
  • Educational psychology Service
  • Language and Learning support service
  • Traveller and English as an Additional language service (TEALS)
  • Flexible Learning Educational Support Services (FLESS)
  • Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Early Intervention Team
  • Targeted Youth Support Team (TYS)
  • East Sussex Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS)

The Local Authority Offer can be found on the East Sussex County Council website:

This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer.

An invite for feedback

This offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible information.  If you would like to comment on the content of the offer, or make suggestions to improve the information, please email