Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

Extended School Service

What is an ‘Extended School’?
An extended school works with parents, pupils and local organisations, including other schools, to provide access to a range of extra services to children, young people and the local community.

What are the benefits of extended schools?
The services provided should meet the needs of local community. The benefits should be wide-ranging and include:

  • better attitudes for pupils, with improved self-confidence and relationships with others
  • more choice, flexibility, and convenience for parents, with easier access to the support they need
  • simpler and quicker access to health and social services for children means that problems affecting their learning can be more easily dealt with
  • better test results for pupils
  • more facilities, resources and equipment available to the local community

Claverham provides a varied range of services that meet the ‘Full core offer’ criteria. These are as follows:

After School Activities

– Study Support ‘Homework’ club (Mon-Thurs. Room 24 – 3.30-5p.m.)

– Sports Clubs:

  • Football (Yrs 7, 10, 11 – Tuesday, Yrs 8, 9 – Wednesday)
  • Girls Football (Thursdays)
  • Rugby (Monday)
  • Netball (Yrs 9, 10, 11 – Tuesday, Yrs 7, 8 Wednesday)
  • Hockey (Tuesday)
  • Gymnastics (Tuesdays)
  • Trampolining (Thursdays)
  • Dry Ski (4 sessions per year at the Chatham Dry Ski slope)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (Yrs 10, 11 – Wednesday)

– Music Clubs:

  • Boy’s Vocal Group (Monday Lunchtime)
  • Samba Band (Tuesday Lunchtime)
  • Chamber Choir (Thursday Lunchtime)
  • Orchestra (Thursdays)
  • Girl’s Choir (Friday Lunchtime)
  • Musical Theatre (Fridays)

– Art Club (Tuesdays)

– GCSE Product Design practical work (Wednesday)

Parent and family support

We are keen to provide any help or advice that you may need concerning your child’s education. The first point of contact should be your son/daughter’s Head of House. Phone the college and, if unavailable at that time, they will call you back.

Caldbec: Mr Butcher
Montjoie: Mr Wilson
Oakwood: Mr Grimer
Santlache: Mr Cunningham
Telleham: Mr Whitaker

Further information and advice is available on a range of other issues including parenting skills, behaviour management, child protection, internet safety, sex education, drugs education and helping your child to learn.

Tel: 01424 772155, Fax: 01424 774106

Access to specialist services

Claverham has a close working relationship with a number of specialist services such as speech therapy, family support and children’s mental health.

Tel: 01424 772155, Fax: 01424 774106

Community use of facilities

The facilities at Claverham are available to the local community outside of school hours.
If you would like to find out more about what we can offer please contact the Community Office:

Tel: 01424 775375, Fax: 01424 777292

To find out about hiring/using the facilities at Battle Sports Centre please contact the centre directly on:

Tel: 01424 774772

Claverham Nursery

The college has a child care nursery onsite that is able to provide childcare for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Please contact the nursery directly if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.

Tel: 01424 774548