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Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College


At Claverham, we believe that all students in all year groups should be revising regularly to ensure that the knowledge that is taught can be remembered. There are a number of different platforms that support revision but we feel it is vitally important that students can learn to take charge of their own learning and complete revision independently. 

Learning how to revise is extremely important. There are many different approaches that will help when to retain and recall knowledge. We use the Claverham Revision Clock to remember the three distinct periods of a revision activity, it is pictured below:

Please click here to view a presentation given to Year 11 students regarding the most effective methods of revision, it also explains a little more about the Claverham Revision Clock. The content of the presentation is, however, useful to anyone attempting to remember knowledge for the long term. 

We have recently relaunched an improved version of the Claverham learning site.  Here, all students can find links to all subject areas.  Currently, the content is specific to Years 10 and 11 but it is our intention to expand this to all year groups as the year goes on.

Please click here for the link to the Learning Site.