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Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

Staff List

Mrs A. Abel (AVA)
Food Technology

Mr B. Barnes (JB)
Head of Modern Languages

Mr B. Beard (BJB)
KS4 Pastoral Support, Behaviour, Attendance & Welfare, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr A. Bentall (ACB)
Design Technology

Miss M. Berridge (MRB)
World View Studies

Ms H. Betts (HJB)
Head of Art

Mr C. Butcher (CRB)
Head of Caldbec House; Geography

Mrs S. Carapiet (SLC)
Business Manager

Mr D. Carney (DJC)
Deputy Principal – Behaviour, Attendance & Welfare, day to day operation of the College, Safeguarding

Mrs W. Cascio (WJC)

Mr D. Cheetham (DWC)
I.C.T. and Computing

Mrs L. Clark (LJC)

Miss M. Clarke (MLC)

Ms L. Comfort (LC)

Mr M. Cunningham (MJC)
Head of Santlache; PE

Miss L. Daines (LCD)
2nd i/c Science

Mrs L. De Sousa (LJD)
Modern Languages

Mr J. Di Girolamo (JDG)

Miss D. Elliott (DAE)
Modern Languages

Miss J. Field (JMF)

Miss S. Garland (SG)
Physical Education

Miss J. Glew (JJG)
Head of Montjoie House; PE

Mrs L. Goldsmith (LCG)
Head of Dance

Mrs E. Graham (ECG)
Head of Music

Mrs C. Green (CEG)
Head of Oakwood House; Science

Mrs L. Griss (LG)
Head of English

Miss K. Hardy (KLH)

Mrs P. Hardy (PJH)
Head of Classics

Mrs M. Harley (MPH)
Responsibility in Physical Education, Assistant Head of House (CLA)

Mr J. Harrold (JCH)
(Acting) Head of Telleham House, Physical Education

Miss J. Humphrey (JVH)
Head of Product Design, Design and Technology

Mr S. Ingram (SCI)
Head of History

Mr S. Jones (SRJ)
Head of Physical Education

Ms A. Kaye (AK)
Head of Food Technology

Ms F. Kemp (FAK)
World View Studies

Miss A. Kent (AJK)
Head of Geography

Miss K. Lambert (KLL)
Head of World View Studies

Mr S. Lochan-Grimer (SLG)
Safeguarding, Science

Miss N. Lytton (NLL)

Mr M. MacDonald (MM)
Head of Science

Mrs N. Magorrian (NRM)

Mrs S. Mitchell (SM)

Miss E. Moran-Luaces (EML)
Modern Languages

Mrs L. Myall (LJM)
(Acting) 2nd i/c Physical Education, SSCO

Mr D. Ockmore (DBO)
KS3 Pastoral Support, Behaviour, Attendance & Welfare , EVC, Safeguarding

Mr D. Page (DHP)
Head of Careers, Science

Miss K. Parker (KCP)

Ms L. Parkin (LAP)

Mrs H. Parmenter (HP)
Head of Media Studies, 2nd i/c English

Mrs T. Piper (TAP)

Mrs J. Pitman (JAP)
Head of P.S.H.E.

Miss C. Reed (CDR)

Ms U. Reid (UVR)

Miss A. Roadknight (ACR)
Head of Drama

Mrs D. Roberts (DLR)
Head of Special Educational Needs, Geography, Vocational

Mr S. Rowing (SAR)
Head of Maths

Miss L. Rymell (LJR)
Responsibility in English

Mrs C. Scotcher (CES)

Mr D. Shaw (DFS)

Mr G. Sheppard (GPS)

Mr L. Siberry (LKS)

Mr T. Smith (TLS)
Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, College Self Evaluation & Improvement Planning

Mr A. Stoakley (APS)

Mrs L. Surrage (LJS)
Head of Food Technology

Mr P. Swatton (PAS)

Mrs V. Swatton (VLS)
Head of Business Studies, Assistant Head of House (G&T), Physical Education

Mrs C. Taylor (CAT)
2nd i/c in Modern Languages

Miss R. Taylor (RBT)

Mr A. Trangmar (AMT)
2nd i/c Mathematics

Miss E. Trenaman (ELT)
I.C.T. and Computing

Mr K. Tugby (KMT)
Responsibility in English

Mr K. Vincent (KV)

Mrs M. Vincent (MV)
Modern Languages

Ms H. Welsh (HLW)
Head of I.C.T. and Computing

Mr C. Wilson (CHW)
Curriculum, Student Achievement, Vulnerable groups

Mrs L. Wilson (LW)

Miss S. Wright (SEW)
Teaching and Learning, CPD, NQT Programme