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Claverham Community College

Claverham Community College

Pupil Premium Statement

Pupil Premium funding is provided in addition to the main school budget.  The Government provide this funding in order to address variations in pupil progress and achievement and thus narrow the gap which exists between the outcomes of pupils identified as ‘disadvantaged’ and those of their peers.  Pupil premium funds are allocated retrospectively; as such the funding for 2017 will be received in 2018.


Pupil Premium funding is targeted at students who have;

  • received Free School Meals at any time in the last 6 years – £935,
  • been continuously looked after for at least six months (CLA) – £1900,
  • one or more parents in the British Armed Forces – £300.


At Claverham Community College, we are committed to maximising the achievement, progress and wider development of all our pupils.   It is the College’s policy that disadvantaged pupils are not ‘labelled’. This is implemented well in the case not just of the disadvantaged and those entitled to receive pupil premium funding, but all pupils in need of support or challenge. This is an inclusive school where equality of opportunity matters, the pupil premium team do not target funding based on prior attainment data but rather on the needs of individuals and groups of students at various checkpoints across their school careers.


Of the approximate £223,000 due in PPG, £170,000 of this goes directly into the staffing budget and is used to ensure the College is in a position to provide a variety of teaching/support/senior staff who have responsibility to oversee outcomes for DA pupils.

The remaining £53,000 is ring-fenced and used to implement all the other initiatives mentioned above.


Pupil Premium Strategy PDF

Pupil Premium Spending Review